Fantasy Mountain -

Where fantasies roam wild!

Sex on the beach?

You'll be loving life in this tropical setting. What better way to shed your inhibitions, than to shrug them off with all those extra clothes?

Kick back and relax, soak up some rays, and listen to the tide. Twice monthly, the beach is Clothing Banned, Coupling Optional. Experience spontaneous combustion firsthand, when so many hot bodies unite under the sun.

At the end of the day, return to your own cabana to prepare for "nighttime" activities. It's always a full moon at The Beach, and there's always a party out by the water. Will  you join it, or do you have private plans?


 Our pirate ship, the FMS Arousal, aka The Black Pearl Necklace, has inspired many to embark on a new sexual adventure. Just the sight of those erect masts seems to bring out the "randy" in everyone. Openings for the following positions: Captain, 1st Mate, ship's whore, and bodacious seamen.

We're working on a conversion kit to transform her into a Viking ship, for those who yearn to loot and pillage. To take or to be taken, that is the question...