Fantasy Mountain -

Where fantasies roam wild!

Six shooters and studs and chaps, oh my!

Ahh, the Old West. Fodder for many a movie, the subject of many a novel, and let us not forget - it was time filled with lawless men, lonely women, and the first denim. Ass-watchers everywhere simply must revere this period!

Did somebody say "chaps"?

Want to shack up in this quaint cabin? How about a saloon filled with rowdy cowboys, bawdy women, and outlaws? Will you be the sherriff or the bartender, the madame at the end of the street, or the livery hand who likes it bareback?

Mustangs run wild and "savages" could be lurking anywhere, waiting to ambush and rob you. Or perhaps take you hostage...

Play the captive, a member of the rough train-robbing gang, or a dance hall tart. Go ahead - see what it's really like to have your bodice ripped from breast to waist and learn a few more uses for spurs!