Fantasy Mountain -

Where fantasies roam wild!

When the weather outside is frightful...

Just as it's always winter high in the Alps, it's always snowy at our mountain chalet.

No fear, though. The chalet comes complete with fur rug and just enough bedding to keep you snuggled up to the person of your choice. Flames lick up from the stone fireplace and a cask of imported spiced wine beckons. Even the most hesitant participant warms to the occasion in flickering firelight.



If you're the more adventurous sort, perhaps you'll want to snowshoe into the great white for an outdoor encounter. (Love bites? Maybe. Frost bites? Never!) Return to the chalet and warm up with a massage and a dip in the hot spring out back. No phones, no TV, no internet... whatever will you do with the rest of your evening together?