Fantasy Mountain -

Where fantasies roam wild!

A la carte options

Choose your own sexual adventure. Come for a night, come for a week...the choice is yours (and alas, the pun was ours). Your stay might include a custom fantasy, convention, a sizzling getaway with that special someone, or a combination. Here are just a few popular options:

Maybe you'd like to head back to the Old West for a genuine "gun slinging" experience.

Ever wondered what would happen if you were snowbound with a certain sexy stranger?

If corsets, overflowing cleavage, cod pieces, or kilts get your blood moving, our historical set is your destination.

Got doctor desire? See Fantasy Mountain General.

Tropical fantasy involving a smokin' hot cabana boy (or three)? Live it at Fantasy Beach, where you might bump into a swimsuit model (or three). And don't forget our pirate ship, The Black Pearl Necklace, aka FMS Arousal.

Exhibitionists, rejoice! We have an entire sports arena - Fantasy Field - just for your pleasure. Complete with an audience... or not.

Got a hot spot for a certain Hollywood personality or sports figure? Submit your request. It's "doable" more often than not.

Do porn stars really have as much fun as it seems? Join other amateurs on our "porn set" to find out.

Our Seasonal Set stars imaginary and historical characters. Play the part of Santa, Cupid, a former president, a demanding King who'll only release those prisoners who "gain his favor" ... or seduce Cleopatra, dominate Napoleon, help Columbus talk that queen into funding his voyage and give him a proper send-off... let your imagination inspire you.

Suggest your own idea and we can build it from scratch. We'll add the notion to our database - there could be a multitude of others with the same fantasy!

*Coming soon*

  • International Spacestation FM: What do those astronauts and cosmonauts get up to when the cameras aren't on? Find out once and for all, what's it like to get it on when weightless.
  • Air Fantasy: Our very own 737, outfitted for pleasure. Though all flights will be grounded, we're taking applications for captains, co-pilots, crew, and passionate passengers for the maiden voyage. Word has it we'll even have stowaways in the luggage compartment, where there's a shipment of merchandise from a popular sex toy store. Join the Mile Above Sea Level Elevation Club!