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Your custom fantasy

Make your erotic dreams come true in just three easy steps:

  • Consult - All custom fantasies are planned directly with Ms. West. She welcomes your in-person visit, or can conduct the interview via webcam. She'll help you define key points such as when this desire first took root, why said scenario kicks your pheremones into overdrive, and what additional elements can enhance your experience. (We all love a two-fer, when we can fulfill two fantasies at once.) You'll also alert her about any potential turn-offs. Plan at least ninety minutes for this appointment.


  • Schedule - Victoria will coordinate with prospective partners, sets, and props, then finalize arrangements and dates with you.


  • Escape - Arrive. Enjoy. Have your wildest expectations exceeded. Leave with memories to last a lifetime (and a professionally edited DVD, if you so desire). Bask in the flush of pleasure whenever you recall that fabulous all-about-you experience. 




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