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Where fantasies roam wild!

We've been expecting you!


What brings you here? Did your curiosity get the best of you? Perhaps you're looking to add safe, confidential variety to an already satisfying sex life. Browsing.

Maybe you're interested in something specific. It's crossed your mind... now and then. Drifted into one of those daydreams. Did your heart beat faster?

You could be here because you know what you want, but you've always been hesitant to try it. This sort of craving inspires those daydreams. Just the thought warms the blood, no?

Are you here because you enjoy "unconventional" encounters and wish to meet likeminded partners?

Whatever your reasons, we promise you'll have no regrets.

And who are we?

We are professionals united in one mission: providing a five-star experience during your journey to fulfillment. From pilot to prop manager, from stylist to security specialist, chef to cinematographer, we're dedicated to your pleasure. Our company creedo, "It's all in the details," sums it up.

Whether you choose us as a sexy destination with your spouse, as a homo-erotic experiment, or because you foster a fetish and can't get enough, we applaud your passion. Your satisfaction is our purpose.

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A message from...

Our CEO, Victoria West

A life without desire is life without color. Disguising your desire, hiding it, is like denying the brilliant hues in a rose impossibly blue sky...the heart-tripping tint of a lover's eyes. Color exists for a reason, as does desire. And just as colors come in infinite varieties, so does desire.

Don't deny yours - indulge it.

VP of Operations, Brett Grant

As a client of Fantasy Mountain, you're assured total confidentiality. We take all possible safety precautions and go to any lengths to fulfill the smallest details of your fantasy. Every client is "First Class" here. Repeat visits are frequent, recommendations are common, and suggestions are always welcome.

If you're still planning your holiday for this year, browse our options. After all, isn't the usual trip to the beach a bit blase'?

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