Fantasy Mountain -

Where fantasies roam wild!

From former clients...

"I'm a successful female attorney. Life is constantly about control and power. My slumber party fantasy wasn't only as hot as I'd imagined - it was a huge load off. Resorts where I usually vacation are such a big show. You've always got to be on. It was refreshing to relax and not worry about whether my six figures are as big as the ones sitting next to me, you know? Not to mention how easy it is to really cut loose when you know you'll never have to face the other person again!"


"P.S. Next trip, I'm all about a 3-way with 2 guys who aren't afraid to try each other out. Let Ms. West know if you're "up" for it!"


"I revisited my youth by re-enacting my first sexual encounter. Now I feel 50 years younger and have joined a seniors' dance group (where I'm meeting plenty of hot tamales). This is a wonderful resource. Better than little blue pills!"



"I'm a server in an upscale NYC restaurant. It was worth my tax return to dominate a "lady of means". Now whenever a customer gets snooty, all I have to do is picture her bound and begging...makes it easy to smile my way through her meal."


"Politicians are always under scrutiny in the public eye. When I attended the Crossdressers Convention disguised as a blonde bombshell, the anoynymity was liberating (even if pantyhose were NOT). The sexy babe I hooked up with boldly went where no man had gone before. Naturally my constituents will never know, but I'm already registered for Dressapalooza '12!"



"I was so sick of being snubbed about my weight that I attended Chub-Love. Talk about redemption! Hundreds of men (some heavy, some not) who worshipped my love handles. I've never felt so feminine, so sexy, so alive. This, I'll cherish always."